Tod's iconic belts are crafted from canvas, woven leather and suede. The finishing touch to round out a contemporary look.

Canvas Belt XCMCPR20100EQR1862 VIEW
Canvas Belt XCMCPR20100EQR0WW1 VIEW
Canvas Belt XCMCPR20100EQR835I VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCPR20100FW5981H VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCPR20100FW5B999 VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCPR20100FW53480 VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCPR20100CPX981H VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCPR20100CPXB999 VIEW
Leather Belt XCMCQC201008PAS608 VIEW
Leather Belt XCMCQC201008PAB999 VIEW
Leather Belt XCMCQC201008PAU801 VIEW
Suede Belt XCMCP610100AETS800 VIEW
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