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HOGAN is an Italian brand of footwear for men, women and kids, as well as bags and jackets and coats. It was launched in 1986 inside the luxury TOD'S S.p.a Group owned by the Della Valle family. The brand represents a brand new lifestyle idea: contemporary yet sophisticated and chic.

All Hogan collections create a unique and unmistakable style, remaining loyal to the devouted dedication to quality and innovation that has always characterised the brand.

Hogan's core philosophy is based on its tradition, renovating its designs each season and giving way to a contemporary style that finds its natural expression in the "casual business" concept.

Hogan collections are timeless and reveal an urban, versatile style, perfect for every moment of the day. The Interactive design, "best seller" of the brand, was born in 1997, completely revolutionising the idea of sneakers, becoming the epitome of informal elegance.

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